Kinetic Revolution Review

If you want to learn how to become a better runner and injury free, read my Kinetic Revolution review to discover how you can transform your running so that it is more easier and become more efficient. Rehab specialist James Dunne and physiotherapist Brad Neal have developed a program that will make running easier on your body.

Kinetic Revolution Review

If you love running but feel that it takes a toll on your body and your recovery time takes much longer, then Kinetic Revolution might be the program that you have been looking for. Running is a natural process. You are not taught it and as a kid loved to just go outside and run. Its a natural and awesome feeling to just go and run but most of us do it for fun.

Many who are serious about running and take part in long distance, half marathons and full marathons do not have the correct technique and posture to sustain the constant pounding their bodies take. Making minor adjustments to the way your posture is while running can help you immensely. This is where James Dunne and Brad Neal come into play. As a rehab specialist, James has the knowledge and credentials to realize the cause of pain and how to make adjustments to your running style and technique that will make running a lot easier on your body.

What you get with the program

  • Specific six and twelve week training programs
  • Full video instructions
  • Running drills and cues
  • Postural and stability exercise routines
  • Strength and mobility exercise routines
  • Audio running cues

Bonus materials

  • Exclusive 2 Hour coaching webinar
  • Gluteal muscle activation sequence
  • Runner’s knee rehab program

Most runners never get to fully experience the simple joy of running and Kinetic Revolution will help you with that. With expert one on one coaching you will learn how to avoid injury and run pain free. You will learn how to maintain your running form even when you start to get tired. Simple triggers will assist you in maintaining form. You will learn techniques to developed running speed by improving your stride length, leg speed and muscle activation.

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If you are a runner and want to continue to enjoy running, then I highly recommend this online running form course. If you just run for fun and not too often, then this program is not for you.

Online running form course

Three Simple Drills for Better Running Form

Stair Running

Triple Flexion Wall Drill

Active Hip Flexor Stretch

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