Effective Ball Handling 3.0 Review

Effective Ball Handling - Free Dribbling WorkoutTrick To Get Past ANY Defender… How does Chris Paul get past any defender?

It’s not that he’s overly quick and explosive, compared to the people defending him, it’s just that his ball handling is impeccable. He uses correct timing and through efficiency in his moves.

It’s all about geometry. Angles. Timing. Deception. Correct footwork.

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These are all things that Chris Paul has, and has MASTERED, which makes him what? Unguardable.

The next time a defender tries to crowd you on the perimeter, take a QUICK dribble and attack his hip. You want to stay low, keep the ball on a string, and seal him off. They will have no choice but to open up for you to blow by them, or foul you.

You’ll notice if you watch guys like Chris Paul, they’re ridiculously adept at doing this. All of these things and more are taught in the Effective Ball Handling 3.0 – The Blueprint.

A lot of programs that I’ve seen forget to implement a simple but DEADLY tip, that will have your defender rendered useless. A trick I picked up playing college ball that will just make defenders look flat out silly. You’ll learn how to correctly time your moves to get around ANY defender, no matter how slow you are.

If your defender is constantly cutting you off after every move you make to try and get past them, you’re probably not using angles correctly.

Would you like to fix that? Have a look at Effective Ball Handling 3.0 – The Blueprint and learn how to handle like a pro!