How to Run Faster and Longer

how to run faster for longerTo run faster and longer, you need to clear out a few myths which revolve around the dire impression of utmost speed and agility.

Consistency is important!

The first and foremost thing to take care of is your health. Wear the right type of shoes and eat the right kind of food. The following are some ways you can improve your running skills.

Slowly and Gradually Build Up the Strength

While running make sure your mind is not agitated but relaxed. Do not run when in a nervous state of mind because that will only mess up with your pace. Try to keep short and easy goals and gradually increase the pace.

If you over exert yourself from day-1, you’ll probably lose the spirit to run the next day. Not only that, a faster pace too soon means that you’re at more risk of getting injured. Thus, make sure you set out with an easy target and gradually and slowly build it up to the desired target without losing your will and determination.

Remain true to your workout. Remain consistent. This will help you not only to become a faster runner, but a calculated and timed one.

Remain Hydrated

Hydration is utterly very important when it comes to running faster and longer. You cannot run in a dehydrated condition especially if you belong to a warm region such as California etc. the fluid can be taken in the form of calorie-free drinks or sports drink or even simple water will do.

  • Make running routine your habit: Consistency plays a vital role when it comes to running faster and longer. You got not to give up and stay on your agenda. You must create a circadian rhythm and follow it regularly. Increase running speed slowly and gradually, follow your routine like a holy pact.
  • Do not injure yourself: take extremely good care of your body and do not ignore any signs of pain, aches, sprains, etc. each person have their specific threshold before they give up or get injured. That is determined by a person’s unique genetics, anatomy, biomechanics, and history of injury.
  • Stress-free running: Even though exercise is a proven stress reliever, you must not run if you’re extremely exhausted or drained. If you are sick, sleep deprived, anxious about work, the training will be tougher.

Types of Speed Training Workouts

how to be a faster runner

We will focus on two types of speed training workouts, mentioned as follows:

  • Speed strength: that focuses on applying maximum force at high rapidity and velocities
  • Speed conditioning: this type of training focuses on running longer and covering greater distances. Being able to run continuously for seven seconds and longer.

Both types of speed training can benefit athletes of all experience levels, thus, accelerate quickly then slow down correctly can prevent injury in the gym and workplace. These training sessions are specific to building speed, strength and maintaining longer distances. You will lose weight, burn fat and increase your endurance capability.

The Ultimate Goals Involved In How to Be Faster

Training Regime and Exercises That will Help You Become Faster

How to Run a Mile Faster: Take it easy, start by running a mile or two regularly, with one 3 miles long run on the weekend. Gradually and eventually you will pace up, increase the distance covered and the result would be that you will be able to run continuously for 6 miles faster than before.

  • Start with a 5-10 minute workout. Warm up can include High knees
  • Butt kicks, Frankensteins, Reverse lunge hip stretch, Power skips for height, Power skips for distance, Karaoke with drive step-over, etc.

The Workout

Divide your workout into phases and stop and relax between the phases to catch your breath.

Start with stretching exercises followed by hip rotations, wall-swings, glute-hip bridges, T-push-ups, cook-hip lifts, seated-arm mechanisms, etc. Every athlete wants an edge on the competition. He wants to be bigger, faster and stronger. One of the best workouts for this is the ultimate kettlebell workout to gain more explosive power, speed and strength.

get athletic quickness

It is intended for speed and power development along with supporting the body to adapt the heavier loads. Some useful polymeric exercises include Switch lounge, Single leg hops, Leg bounds, Bench tap, Box Jump, Rocket Jump and others.

AQ Speed Run Faster Review | Run Faster Method Review | Explosive Speed Training Review

Rob Ramos @ RocketSpeedTraining.comHey, my name is Rob (me on the right) and I am currently still playing competitive soccer at the age of 41.

The first solid piece of advice that I can give is if you want to improve your speed to dominate your sport, then you need to get guides and workouts that are proven and tested by professionals who can back their claims. Most novice athletes will spend their first few months trying to find free speed training routines and the result is a very poor and slow progress.

I made this exact mistake and spent endless hours watching videos with no form or structure and should of just spent $47 to get the right tools. After I did, my running speed and form increased dramatically from the correct speed training workouts.

Long story short, you need a planned out, in order, step by step training from skilled and certified trainers. This is the fastest way to get better.

These Are The Best Places Online To Learn How To Run Faster and Longer (I Am A Member)

I have been a member at almost every online speed training and exercises membership sites. Some are far superior than others and some are better suited for better athletes.

Below I have left reviews showing the main benefits and negatives of every paid run faster training online that will help you improve your speed.. Hopefully this will help you make a choice and make the small investment that will triple how fast you improve your athletic quickness.

The Top Speed Training Sites For 2016

If you want to learn how to be faster, these programs listed below are a very place to start. Each program has their own methods but the basis is the same. Targeting the correct muscles will help increase your running speed whether you want to improve your off the mark quickness for short sprints or if you are into endurance want to learn how to run a mile faster, you will get the all the necessary tools.

1. AQ Speed – Run Faster 15 Minute Speed Trainer (Read my review here)

2. Run Faster Method (Read my review here)

3. Explosive Speed Training (Read my review here)

The Low Down and Dirty

aqspeed by aqAQ Speed – Run Faster in 15 Minutes

What you get with AQ Speed

Price: $39.95

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run faster method by adam kesslerRun Faster Method

What you get with the Run Faster Method

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explosive-speed-trainingExplosive Speed Training

What you get with Explosive Speed Training

Price: $47.00

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The cost of hiring personal trainers can be extremely high.

Online workouts also allow you to learn at a convenient pace and more importantly, the use of videos will enable you to learn under a comfortable environment without any pressure. That way, you do not face disappointment that you would otherwise experience if you learn in a class full of fast learners. If you think that a workout is simple, you can skip or move to the next level and start learning new techniques. That way, you are able to improve your speed and agility faster than those who take private workout classes.

There are no risks involved since online courses usually offer a strong money-back guarantee, leaving you with a chance to utilize the workouts and training and in case you are dissatisfied, you can ask for your money back.

Finding the right speed training via the internet is simple if you know where to look. If you are a beginner, you might want to look for programs that provide beginner workouts. The best training will include video, audio, diagrams and text. A good online course will help you learn the basics fast so you can maintain your motivation and learn how to be a faster runner so that you can dominate your sport.