How to Run a Faster 5K

Are you happy with your last 5km race time and looking to improve on it? This article covers some simple strategies that you can implement in order to bring your race time down and improve your overall running.

A 5 kilometer (5km) distance is fun to run. You can do several each year. When the runner’s high kicks in, you can race with your mates for 5K without stressing too much. But to run faster you will have to run fast during training. You can better your personal record by following some training tactics.

How to run a faster 5k

To build up your running, start with a warm up. Walk for two or three minutes to warm up. Follow it up with a 10 minutes run. Start running faster after this period but in a controlled manner. After every minute of hard run follow up with a minute’s walk to catch your breath and recover.

Cool down by running five minutes at a slower pace and later walk for three minutes.

The above is a one-minute interval training method. You can repeat the same with a two-minute interval. Then you can repeat the same with a three minute’s interval as you increase your speed.

You are keeping a record of the time you are taking. Your objective should be to do it in less than 20 minutes.

For several weeks you can continue the running before you join the race. By the time the race is held, you will be in a good position to beat at least your previous record.

Some also suggest cross training. Lift weights. Stretch.

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Everyone runs to win but then only one person gets to win. Others must be content with whatever position they are in. But then winning isn’t the only reason everyone runs for. Some join the race only to better their previous record or to tell themselves that they are fit enough for the 5K run.

We must also remember that whether we win the race or not, preparing for it got us fitter and faster. That in itself is a gain we should look forward to.

After the training is over, you need to rest for some time. Before the race however, you need to make sure you are on track and haven’t slowed down.

Some may choose to train with a professional who has run before.

On the race day, there are workouts you can do to keep yourself in the pace.

learn to run a 5k faster

Warm up for a few minutes by walking briskly. Run for five minutes at an easy pace. This will warm up your muscles. But finish this warm up before ten minutes of the race start.

When you practice, try practicing on a terrain that is similar to your racing ground. That way you will be familiar with the ground and that will help you gain speed.

On the racing day do not eat too much. Take proteins and easily digestible carbs. Eat at least two hours in advance of the race. Hydrate yourself. Drink fluids every two tot here hours before the run. When you start the race, start strong. That way you will have gained in time resulting in overall shorter time.

Stay focused and do not get emotionally involved in anything that may take your mind off the race.

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