Football Speed Drills and Training

If you are a football player who is currently training and getting in shape for the upcoming football season, we have a series of speed drills and training that you can do in order to improve your speed.’

Would it not be great if you can show up and training camp a lot faster than you used to be and quicker than the rest?

The speed drill that we are going to run through to help improve your speed and agility is called the 4 Cone Pointer Drill. This exercise has many names but we will keep it simple as we are using for cones and will be pointing.

speed drills for football

Place 4 cones in a big square. Space them out 8 to 10 yards between each. The guy you’re working with, will start up in the middle and you are going to pick a side of the square to stand and point out the cone to move to. This drill is made to increase football players’ agility, their speed and their ability to move right as something happens. For example: if the ball hits the ground they got to get it.

In this drill, the football player stays in the same position that he is facing at all times which will be facing you as you call and point the drills. The key to this workout is to be vocal so that the player is well aware of his task. Always have a football in hand as the pointing object and also because we will be dropping the ball for the player to recover.

The movements are as follow:

So if I’m sitting here directly in front of the player and I point to the left rear cone, the player must back pedal / drop shuffle to the left rear cone. If I point to the left front cone, he is going to sprint forward. If I point to the right front cone, he is moving lateral towards the right front cone by shuffling. The player is always facing you when performing these movements. If I point to the right back cone, the player will back pedal to the back cone.

Now the big key element to this here is we’re going to incorporate the football. The biggest thing in football is if there’s a ball on the ground, you got to be ready to get it no matter what the circumstances, no matter what you were doing. So if I point to this back cone and he’s back pedaling you say ball and the ball hits the floor, he has got to get it as fast as he can, cover it up and then you can even incorporate a sprint out.

So as soon as the ball gets down you got to talk to him and tell him what you want him to do. You want him to stay on the ball, cover it up, tell him to cover it up, you want him to get out and run tell him to get out and run with it.

Do not kill the football player and work with 15 second intervals. Get a lot of work in 15 seconds by pushing the pace and getting the maximum effort. Don’t use this as a conditioning drill. 15-20 seconds with really good reps then give him a break when the next player goes in.

Always remember to be vocal with the person you’re working with. If you go too fast and you’re just pointing, you’re not going to get the footwork that you want. Let them know that you want them to shuffle, back pedal, sprint, lateral shuffle as well as when you use the ball, be vocal, let the player know what you want.

We want to work for speed, we want to work for quickness. You can add resistance bands that you can strap to the knees and perform the same drills. This helps develop the fast twitch muscles for speed and agility and helps with getting off the mark quicker.

Work intermittently with the resistance bands. When not using, expect the player to increase his speed.

Watch the video demonstration of this football speed drill.

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