The Best Fast Twitch Muscle Exercises To Improve Your Speed

train to run fasterIf you are into sport, you probably already know that the secret lies in developing your muscle fibers. Muscle fibers are categorized into 3 – Type I, Type II and Type IIB. Type II and Type IIB comprise fast twitch muscles and they are the ones responsible for quick movements that are necessary in almost any sport.

There are specific fast twitch muscle exercises that you can do to target these muscles specifically so that they can grow in both strength and speed.

1. Sprints

This fast twitch training exercise is very effective if you want to increase strength and speed at the same time. Sprints require that you take off at very high speed, run a short distance and then stop suddenly. The important thing to note about sprinting is that because it places a lot of strain on fast twitch muscles, you should make sure to rest between each sprint.

2. Lifting Weights

This is one of the best fast twitch muscle workouts. The secret is to do heavy lifts with short reps (6 – 8). Do it the way Olympic lifts are done – you clean lift the weight off the ground, you jerk it up above your head and then snap it back down and release. Take a break and repeat. An added bonus for this form of fast twitch muscle exercises is that you get to develop great arm, shoulder and stomach muscles.

3. Squats

These are pretty easy for anyone to do; all you need is a barbell and the technique. If you are not very sure about what you should do, there are plenty of videos online that can teach you. Squats are not only good for fast twitch muscle workouts; they help you burn calories, they improve balance and they make every day activities easier to do.

4. Do Interval Training

If you can find a way to get almost obsessive about interval training, you are well on your way to better fast twitch muscles. You can do any6thing you like so long as you keep the reps short and the energy high. You can, for example, run very fast on the treadmill for about 3 minutes and then slow things down for another 3 minutes and so on. Remember, slowing down is how muscles get to rest so during this time, take things very easy.

5. Exercise Salad

This requires that you do different kinds of exercises in one session. Remember, the point is to surprise your muscles so as you are planning your “salad”, put in exercises that target different muscle groups.

6. Butt Kickers

This is a fast twitch muscle workout that you can alternate with sprints. You also learn how to become faster. It requires that you sprint but then at some point, aim to sprint so that your feet hit your glutes before they hit the ground again. Do it for only a little while, stop and rest and then repeat several times.

These 6 fast twitch muscle exercises will help you get started on increasing speed, agility and strength.